Interested in Joining P.A.C.E.?

Do you live in Omaha or, willing to do virtual work? Do you have time to volunteer and help make a difference? We are gearing up to make PACE have an impact this year. We need someone who is strong in fundraising. Also need a person with PR experience, and a person with finance bsckground. We have three focus areas this year…one will be building a Web page that will become a national resource; another is a pedestrian safety initiative; and yeah, fundraising! Please let us know. Thanks.

Multiple Sclerosis

I was talking to a person at work about PACE. When I told her it was about educating people about disabilities as defined by the American Disabilities Act (ADA), she told me she had MS. I was surprised. She educated me on the various levels of MS. I really appreciated her information. It is good information to post here as that is what PACE is about…information, education, support, and outreach.

Raise Awareness

If you know of an upcoming event in your city that you would like to post for others to see–related to a disability, education, and physical fitness, please us know. We want to be an outreach to people with disabilities! Thank you.

Kyle Pease

This is what PACE is all about…educating, informing, and helping find a way for people with disabilities! I will be getting this book…will let you know more about it. If it’s worth it, hope to raise funds to purchase book to give to people as an inspiration. Maybe Mr. Pease will help PACE? Our website will be updated, I promise. It’s in the planning stages.

For now, we keep this updated!…/man-wheelchair-completes-44-…/story…